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Bush Hogging

If you step outside of your home, only to be met with a yard of thistles, brush, and thorns—it may be time for some action.  Fortunately, brush removal is not an impossible or foreboding task, and there are existing tools that make it a task that some people even consider fun!

A brush hog can vary in execution, but it is essentially a type of rotary mower that can attach to a riding mower or tractor.  Unlike a regular lawnmower, the blades are on hinges that allow them more flexibility if they hit something hard like a rock, allowing continued cutting instead of a lawnmower repair project.  The blades are also sturdier than with a traditional lawnmower—constructed of high carbon steel and up to an inch thick.  They are also kept purposefully dull, as sharper blades have a tendency to get stuck or slow down in the brush.


If you are in need of a brush hog or need brush to be removed, contact us today!

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